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Bryce Celotto

Senior Consultant

he / him | LGBTQ+

Bryce J. Celotto (he/him) is a Black, queer, transmasculine professional with a decade of experience in education, social justice advocacy, political strategy, youth organizing and leading Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives. Bryce is the Founder and Chief JEDI Officer at Swarm Strategy - a comprehensive justice, equity, diversity and inclusion consulting firm rooted in anti-racism practices and the history and tradition of Black Southern storytelling, community organizing and collective care.

At Swarm, Bryce leads and supports non-profit organizations and corporate clients through transformative workshops rooted in anti-oppression and anti-racism. Bryce also focuses on long term strategy work to create impactful structural changes and to build equitable workplace cultures.

Prior to starting Swarm, Bryce led DEI initiatives at Brown University in the Education Department, where he also earned his Masters degree in Education. His proven track record of success includes service on state-wide policy coalitions and training thousands of people nationwide on civic engagement, inclusion in the classroom, LGBTQ rights, and racial justice. As a former classroom teacher, historian, policy advocate, military veteran, and program manager Bryce brings his experience and expertise from all walks of his life to examine injustice and inequity. His advocacy has been featured in national news publications such as The Huffington Post, CNN and the New York Times.