What We Do

Our goal at Hummingbird Humanity is to foster change through individuals and organizations so that they can reach their maximum potential inside and outside of the workplace. We're able to achieve this by providing multiple signature services as well as additional services meant to expand any organization's potential through diversity, equity, and inclusion.




Workplace culture is an important aspect of an organization that often gets ignored when in reality it should be given the most attention. At Hummingbird Humanity we take an in-depth look at organizations to find where there may be Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion improvements that can be made to better the workplace culture.



Through personal stories and professional experience, the Hummingbird Humanity team focuses on creating a more inclusive workspace at organizations with listening sessions that allow more cohesive discussion during and after the sessions. This allows companies to transform their workplaces to become more human-centered.




Inclusion Training

Inclusion Training is a vital part to any successful organization. Hummingbird Humanity works directly with individuals and teams to increase workplace inclusion and generate authentic engagement from all employees.

DEI Strategy Development

Hummingbird Humanity specializes in DEI Strategy, DEI Program Design, and Internal Communications to strengthen and create cohesive coordination within any organization.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Inclusive Leadership Coaching enables leaders at any level in an organization to increase the engagement of their employees and better the workplace culture.

DEI Workshop for HR Professionals

Human Resources is one of the many areas of expertise at Hummingbird Humanity. With the DEI Workshops, HR Professionals at any organization can increase their awareness, better their understanding, and grow their effectiveness in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.